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Online Encyclopedia Britannica

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Students who choose to use databases at home or off campus:

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Research Paper Resources


MLA Format

APA Format

Papers at Diablo Vista should be formatted in MLA stye, or, if your teacher prefers, use APA style.

Visit Purdue's OWL Online Writing Lab for answers to all your questions about formatting.

Videos about formatting papers in MLA style:

Vidcast series

MLA Works Cited

Works Cited List




Next Book in a Series?

Series and Sequels

More Books Like This One?

What Should I Read Next?

Find a Recommended Reading List?

CDE Recommended Reading, Grades  6-8

SRVUSD Core Lit List

Find More Good Books with AR Book Finder  (DV has only some of these books.  Consult the Library Catalog.) 

AR Book Finder

Image Search 

Always check that use of internet images is not prohibited by their copyright.  Use images that are in the Public Domain or that have Creative Commons licenses. You can search for images and check for restrictions at the following sites:  Images appropriate for use in school papers and projects

Google Advanced Image Search  Type in search terms.  Scroll to down and select “free to use or share”, or choose other options.  Click Advanced Search button.

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Links to audio search sites from Harvard University

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