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Corporate Match

What is corporate match?

Corporate match programs (also called matching gift programs) are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations such as the Diablo Vista Foundation.  For example, if a donor works for Bank of America and makes a $375 donation to Diablo Vista Foundation, Bank of America will "double the donation" by writing a check for $375 to Diablo Vista Foundation!

Which companies have corporate match programs?

Many companies offer corporate match programs as a benefit for their employees.  If you are unsure if your company offers this benefit, please contact one of our corporate match volunteers, and we will research it for you.  You can also check out the Double the Donation website to see if your company matches:

Requesting Corporate Match

The Diablo Vista Middle School Foundation is a distinct charity and has its own taxpayer identification number or EIN number (94-3373022), but falls under the umbrella of the San Ramon Valley Education Fund. When requesting a corporate match, please search using the taxpayer identification number or EIN number (94-3373022) if possible. If the San Ramon Valley Education Fund comes up, the funds will be directed to us if our taxpayer identification number is used. If there is an option to direct where the funds are to be used, please add Diablo Vista Middle School Foundation or DVMS.


Let us get your donation matched! Please contact CorpMatchDVMSFoundation or one of these individuals for more information:

Cari Anderson

Lisa Luengo

Sara Gregory