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Get Involved in After School Sports!!

Getting involved in after school sports is a great way to make new friends or try out a new sport! See the 2017/2018 After School Sports Schedule on the homepage of Schoolloop!

How parents can sign up for School Loop

School loop keeps parents informed with school news, homework assignments, tests and quizzes.

  • On the Diablo Vista home page click on "Register Now" on the left in blue
  • Click on the "Parent Registration
  • Follow the prompts to set up the account. Please note if you have more than one student at Diablo Vista you only need one parent account. You may add additional students after the account has been set up. Just click "Add student" which is located on the right side of the main page. Your child's student I.D. number is needed to set this account up. Your child should know their student I.D. number.


What is the secret to happiness?


 What makes us truly, lastingly happy, and how do we bring more of those things into our lives?


A complex question, to be sure, but three tips always come to mind for me:


1)  Let yourself feel what you feel. Happiness is not about stuffing bad feelings down, or relentless positivity.


2) In any given situation, focus on the journey, the process, or the present moment rather than the end results. Not only will you feel more engaged, but you'll also probably be more successful!


3) Make kindness THE central theme in your life. Kindness and compassion build a strong sense of connectedness, and nothing could be more important for our health, happiness, or even our longevity than the strength of our social ties.


Sign up for more happiness tips on Raising Happiness

Greater Good Science Center | University of California, Berkeley | 2425 Atherton Street # 6070 | Berkeley | CA | 94720







Jill Cruz

Grades: 7th & 8th

Days: Everyday                

Lindsey Wondolowski

Grades: 6th & 7th

Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri  

Vivian Srouji

Grades: All

Thurs 10am-1:30pm

Incoming 9th grade night at Monte Vista High School

Incoming 9th grade night at Monte Vista will on Monday,  March 5th 2018.


5:15-6:00pm: Check in, folder pick up, optional tours by the MVHS flagpole

6:00-7:10pm: 3 concurrent sessions:


Theatre: Counseling Presentation addresses course selections, graduation requirements as well as the academic, social and emotional transition to high school.

Large Gym: Dr. Kevin Ahern hosts a presentation of Student Life, which includes performances and a student panel.

Commons: Informational Fair includes walk through tables representing programs, special classes, organizations related to 9th grade students and parents.


Alphabet by last name               6:00-6:20pm                             6:25-6:45pm                            6:50-7:10pm
             A-G                                  Theatre                                      Large Gym                               Commons

             H-O                                  Large Gym                                Commons                                   Theatre

             P-Z                                   Commons                                   Theatre                                    Large Gym

**Due to space constraints, please attend sessions with your alphabet break-out group.


Information tables: Academic Boosters/Ed Fund, Accelerated Biology Class, AVID Program, Career Technical Education, Freshmen Leadership, Instrumental Music, MVHS Athletics, MVHS CHeer and Pom, MVHS Choir, MVHS Dance, MVHS Drama, MVHS Visual Arts Program, PTSA, Speech and Debate (Oral Interpretation), World Language Classes


Special Ed meeting: MVHS Library 4-5pm

AVID meeting: MVHS Drama room 4:30-5:15pm


Important Dates:

Accelerated Biology:  Contact:

Freshmen Leadership Class: packets available in the Commons. They are due on 3/30 to Jen Schikora in the MVHS Counseling office. Interviews will be after Spring Break. Contact:

Instrumental Music Auditions: 4/10, 4/11, 4/12 for Diablo Vista,

Marching Band Camp: 8/1 for new members, percussion and color guard. 8/2, 8/3, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8 all members. Conact:

Dance Tryouts: 3/22 at 4-6pm in MVHS Small Gym (arrive between 3:30-4:00pm) Contact:

Speech and Debate Summer Camp: 7/9-7/20 and 7/23-8/3 at MVHS, Contact:

Freshmen Orientation: 8/8

Freshmen Registration: TBD


New student enrolling from a Non-District School:, "Enroll your Child" and follow directions. Enrollment for 2018-2019 opens on March 1st, 2018. Call the Registrar for an appointment (925-552-2816)


Incoming 9th grade night at DVHS

Incoming 9th grade night at DVHS is March 7 and will be at 5pm in the Gym.

MVHS Football!

Hey future Mustangs!

Are you interested in playing Freshman Football?

Please stop by our table for Incoming Freshman Night, March 5th @ 5:30pm


Visit our Website for information, and be sure to read our Freshman Handbook!


How to make an appointment with a counselor

Students can:

  • Drop by the counseling office at break, lunch or after school to see if a counselor is available
  • Fill out an appointment slip, located in the counseling office
  • Email the counselor
  • Ask a teacher for permission to go to the counseling office

Parents can:

  • Email you student's counselor
  • Call the Counseling office: 925-855-3330
    • Mrs. Cruz: 7th/8th grade
    • Mrs. Wondolowski: 6th/7th grade
    • Mrs. Srouji: All grades support counselor

What day is my counselor on campus?

  • Mrs. Cruz: Everyday
  • Mrs. Wondolowski:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
  • Mrs. Srouji: Every Thursday 10am-1:30pm

My student is having difficulty in a class. What should I do?

  • Check schoolloop. Notice if you child is having trouble with organization, homework, and/or tests.
  • Talk with your student's teacher, if needed. Teachers can be emailed through schoolloop.
Math Graduation Requirements

Graduation Math Requirements

Science Requirements



Homework Help

Mondays:  Homework Club in the Library

Tuesdays: Homework Club in the Library

                    Math Help in the Library

Wednesdays: Spring Semester only  Peer Tutoring Help during E Period

Thursdays:  Homework Club in Library

Applying to a private High School?

Come to the counseling office with your forms and questions. We will contact your teachers to let them know about your forms that need to be filled out.

An Even Dozen Steps To Improving Your Child's Academic Performance

Check your child's agenda every night
Schedule 1 to 2 hours a night for homework
Study with your child before tests and quizzes
Talk to your child often about his/her progress
Check to see that homework has been completed
Encourage your child to stay after school for additional help
Call your child's teacher and schedule a parent conference
Communicate with teachers via email, Schoolloop, or by phone
Provide incentives to your child when he/she completes assignments
Ensure your child has a quiet place to study and complete homework
Monitor your child's attendance to ensure he/she attends school every day
Provide logical consequences when your child does not complete assignments