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Questions about High School

Links to High School Information

There are several links to information for high school students and parents.  Below are the links about the transition from middle school to high school, the high school California Exit Exam, high school graduation requirements and some websites for college/career planning.

High School and Beyond.pdf

California High School Exit Exam CAHSEE.pdf

Graduation Requirements HS.pdf

Websites for College:Career Planning.pdf


MV Course Selection Changes

MVHS will be allowing "course change requests" for eighth graders going to 9th grade.  Please come into the Counseling Office or print attachment in the DV News section to get the form.  Closed classes include ASL, Spanish 1, Theater 1 and cancelled classes are Robotics and Computers 1 and 2. Course change request forms are due back to the DV Counseling Office on May 20th.



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