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New Student/Parent Tips

School Loop

What can you do on School Loop?


  • Check your student's grades.
  • Catch school news and upcoming events.
  • Easily E-mail teachers.
  • View your student's "Task List" for upcoming assignments/tests.
  • Use the calendar to view upcoming assignments/events by month.


  • Check your grades.
  • Check your "Task List" for upcoming due dates and tests/quizzes.
  • Send and receive e-mail with teachers and students.
  • Participate in class/group discussions.
  • Catch school news and upcoming events.

*Any words highlighted in blue will navigate you to another place.  Click on it and check it out.

*Check School Loop daily for assignments/test/missing work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the DVMS counselors?

         Jill Cruz: 8th grade (split 7th grade)

                   M-F  Email:

         Lindsey Karkula-Wondolowski: 6th grade (split 7th grade)

                   M-F  Email:

         Vivian Srouji: Support Counselor

                    only Wed. mornings Email:

How can I check my student's grades?   

         School Loop can be accessed from DVMS homepage with your student's ID number.

How often will I get grades? 

         DVMS students get quarterly progress grades. You will also get a semester grade in January and June.

My student is going to be out sick today.  What do I do? 

         Call DVMS attendance line at 925-855-3379 to let us know.

Anything else I can do if my student is absent? 

         You can e-mail your student's teachers and request any worksheets not on

         School Loop.

When can I start the Soaring Eagle hours? 

         Students can start in the summer.

When will I get a copy of my school schedule? 

         A copy will be given at Orientation Day - Eagles take off right before school starts.

When does school start and stop at DVMS? 

        At Diablo Vista, we start school at 8:10 and end at 2:45 (except Wed. at 1:58).

Can I take Wheel and Band in 6th grade? 

        No, because you will have only 1 elective period in 6th grade.

What do they teach in Wheel? 

         You will learn art, computers, chorus and study skill, but maybe not in that order.