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Student Sign-Ups

Information About the Bee

The School Bee was held on 1/24/19 in the DVMS MPR.  

The winner of the School Spelling Bee will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee. This Bee uses the word list "SpellIt," which can be found in the same group locker.


Also available in the locker is a list of books that are the source of this year's spelling word lists. Reading the books can help you prepare. When a word is used in context, it is easier to remember what it means and how it is spelled.   


The Bee will have questions both on spelling and vocabulary. In the vocabulary section, you will be given a word and asked to identify which of three definitions is correct (with the answer being A, B or C.)  


If you have questions, ask your Core/English teacher, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Demos, Ms. Bishop or Ms. Mikkelsen.