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Eagles Athletics

DVMS Sports Program Philosophy

The Diablo Vista after school intramural sports program provides students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. Although games are competitive by nature, the emphasis is on participation.  DVMS believes that participation in sports develops a strong sense of pride, responsibility and school spirit. Student athletes learn and develop self-esteem, commitment, sportsmanship, and respect for oneself, as well as for teammates, competitors, coaches and officials. 

All students MUST complete a Student Athlete Packet prior to participating in each after school sport. The Student Athlete Packet will be handed out and discussed by the coach at the team informational meeting. Packets will be collected by the coach at the beginning of the first practice session. 


Volunteer Carpool Drivers

Even though our after school sports will be run as an intramural program, we may need parent drivers on occasion to transport our students to away games and meets. If your son or daughter plans to participate on a DVMS sports team, please consider becoming an approved volunteer driver.

How do I become a volunteer driver? Click on the following link:

Be a Mentor

This link will send you directly to the Volunteer Management System on the SRVUSD website, where volunteers will be able to register on-line through a system hosted by Be A Mentor, Inc. You will need to complete the “Level 2 Field Trip Drivers” application. The webpage describes the registration process and answers “Frequently Asked Questions.”

What do I need to submit during the registration process?

  1. A copy of your driver license
  2. A copy of the cover sheet from your auto insurance policy (SRVUSD requires minimum insurance limits of $100,000/$300,000 Bodily Injury Liability and $25,000 Property Damage Liability) 

Once all of your forms have been submitted, it can take up to 10 business days for your application to be processed and approved, so please plan ahead and complete the registration process early. The “Level 2 Field Trip Drivers” application MUST be approved before a parent/guardian can drive Diablo Vista students in their car.

If you’re a new parent to DVMS who is already registered with Be A Mentor, you can log in to your account and add DVMS to your profile. 

Thank you for taking the time to become a volunteer driver!

After School Sports Donations

How do I donate to the After School Sports Program? Donations should be made with a check and handed to the athlete’s coach by the stated deadline. Please write checks out to DVMS and make a note that your donation is for After School Sports.  Please be aware that our after school sports program runs solely on donations. Therefore, if we do not receive enough in donations by the stated deadline to cover the expense for the sport, we will have to cancel that sport and return donations back to each family.

How much should I donate?  Diablo Vista kindly asks for a donation of $50 for each sport.

What does my donation cover?  Over several weeks students will learn and practice skills, as well as participate in games with their peers in a fun and engaging environment. In addition, students who participate in cross-country and track will have the opportunity to compete in a more formal meet with other district middle schools. Your donation also covers the cost for equipment and coaches.

Thank you for your support!

Diablo Vista After School Sports for 2019-20

Mixed Games - August 20th – September 26th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: August 5th – August 20th
  • Team Informational Meeting: Tuesday, August 20th (2:50pm-3:05pm – Gym)
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, August 23rd

Cross Country - August 20th – September 24th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: August 5th – August 20th
  • Team Informational Meeting: Tuesday, August 20th (2:50pm-3:05pm – Gym)
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, August 23rd
  • Meets @ Osage Park: September 17th and 24th (tentative dates)

Volleyball - October 15th – December 10th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: September 30th – October 15th
  • Team Informational Meeting: Tuesday, October 15th  (2:50pm-3:05pm – Gym)
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, October 18th

Badminton - January 14th – February 25th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: January 6th – January 14th
  • Team Informational Meeting: Tuesday, January 14th (2:50pm-3:05pm – Gym)
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, January 17th

Dodgeball - February 24th – April 20th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: February 10th – February 24th
  • Team Informational Meeting: Monday, February 24th (2:50pm-3:05pm – Gym)
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, February 28th

Track and Field - April 13th - May 5th

  • Schoolloop News on-line sign-ups posted: April 6th – April 13th  
  • Team Informational Meeting: Monday, April 13th
  • Donation Turn-in Deadline: Friday, April 17th
  • Meet @ DVMS: Tuesday, May 5th  (tentative)

All sports are co-educational and open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Sports Calendar
After School Sports Coordinator
Elizabeth Keyser PE 7
DVMS Coaches
Ty Buckle PE 6
Shelly Darrah Art
Julia Mostowtt Teacher
Mr. Anastasios Vlahos Teacher